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Natural sandalwood

Because its colour and lustre is gorgeous, design choice is much, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, easy cleanness, waterproof, moistureproof wait for a characteristic, already became the leading product of ambry market, by more and more family choice and accept.

The choice of ambry board of fire prevention board, should notice following a few respects.

Features of high quality fire prevention board: 1. The pattern is clear and thorough, the effect is lifelike, the stereo feeling is strong; 2. No color difference; 3. The surface is smooth and wear-resistant.

Features of good substrates: 1. The formaldehyde content of density board is not over standard. 2. Woodworking board has no gap to see section; 3. Smooth surface and good compactness. It is important to pay special attention to the purchase of whether the door panel deformation.

Above is about the natural sandalwood manufacturer, the price of natural sandalwood, the thickness of natural sandalwood detailed introduction

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