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Fireproof board 1002

The manufacturing process of fire prevention board is made of high quality imported decorative paper and imported kraft paper through processing steps including immersion, drying, high temperature and high pressure: First, put the advanced imported decorative paper, kraft paper, containing respectively in three, tsuen wan, gather hydrogen ammonia resin and benzene resin reaction tank, the leaching after a period of time, drying, and cut into the size of the need, can be soaked with more than decorative paper and kraft paper (depending on the different thickness of fire prevention board) fold together, placed under the press, at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius), the high temperature to 1430 pounds of pressure per square inch and continuous equilibrium pressure for an hour, then through trimming, sanding, quality inspection and other steps.

Above is about the pattern fire prevention board manufacturer, the pattern fire prevention board price, the detailed introduction of the pattern fire prevention board thickness

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