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Anti resistant plate 1001

As a kind of high strength plate made by high pressure polymerization of wood fiber and thermoplastic, antipater is an integral coloring number formed by special technology

Lipid decorative surface, not only for indoor decoration, especially for outdoor facilities.

Anti-doubling plate is a decorative plate with high stability. Excellent features:

1. Anti-collision

2. Wear resistance

Shock proof

4. Non-toxic and pollution-free, complete sanitation

5. Moisture-proof, water-proof and mildew proof

6. Chemical resistance

Heat and smoke resistance

8. Anti-static, no radiation

9. Anti-bacterial, easy to clean, anti-ultraviolet

10. Rich surface treatment and various colors

Above is about the anti-doubling plate manufacturer, anti-doubling plate price, anti-doubling plate thickness detailed introduction

Regional products: guangdong anti-double board, zhejiang anti-double board, shandong anti-double board, linyi anti-double board, jinan anti-double board, Beijing anti-double board, Shanghai anti-double board, jiangsu anti-double board.

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